Tired of crowds?
Desire a more Senior-friendly tour without the long travel associated with usual tours?
and want ones that do lots in the day, yet are still value-for-money?
Our tours have you escape the just 40 minutes from downtown!
They are focused on Seniors...NO hiking, and NO swimming!
All-inclusive trips have you not worry about where to find lunch (are being stung with extra expenses).

There's [at least] 9 "experiences" on our full day tour,
with ALL tours visiting our *private* sheep farm and historic Homestead.
Owned and operated by New Zealand-born and Maori hosts, we showcase the region where our family has lived since 1922.
* Rainforest
* Craftmarket
* Wine-tasting
* Honey-tasting
* LUNCH (with wine/beer)
* Muriwai Beach (black iron sands)
* Gannet colony (world-famous site)
* our >PRIVATE< sheep farm
* Maori Culture
* Fed & touch sheep
* Visit a "real" woolshed
* Offset tour's carbon emissions
* Afternoon tea (WE are Food Handling Certified)

These tours are UNIQUE to Auckland which means you do something other than just visit Public places!
We look forward to hosting you soon.

10% DISCOUNT if paid in cash (at the END of the tour)
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Donna Hamilton