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Act Like an Owner: Building an Ownership Culture (Hardcover) by Robert Blonchek, Martin O’Neill

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A complete plan for implementing an ownership program
Act Like An Owner is an action guide to building a culture of employee ownership within an organization. Authors Blonchek and O′Neill, who use this approach as part of their consulting practice, are the first to detail how to implement such a program company–wide. In this book, they introduce the concept of the internal franchise and show how it is much more compelling than employee empowerment. The authors explain how to link each element of the company′s success to the individual employee through the internal franchise framework. They also illustrate how the program helps to elevate the open–book management approach by emphasizing the importance of community and culture.

From the Author
The Foundation for Act Like an Owner
Prior to writing this book and before co-founding my current company (Bottom Line Technical Solutions), I was a founder and executive of a $40 million systems integration firm.
As one of the leaders in this organization, I dedicated myself to ensuring that the company's culture was an Ownership Culture---an entrepreneurial corporate culture that motivates everyone to think and act like business owners and entrepreneurs. I fervently believe this culture based in TRUST, was an important competitive distinction and was a key strategy that propelled our business to success. And it is through this real-life experience building an IT services business that the Act Like an Owner model was born.
During the year or so that Marty and I spent writing this book, we did a lot of speaking and consulting on the Act Like an Owner model. We talked with executives in idustries from consumer products to internet start-ups. Through this process I became even more committed to the Act Like an Owner model and to my belief that companies must develop strategies to fully engange their people. Until more companies develop such strategies, the turn-over rates will continue to climb and the mass movement towards free agency will grow.
Some recent surveys indicate that up to half of the American workforce may become freelancers (or E-lancers) in the new millenium. This shift in the workforce is just one sign that most workers now know and accept that they are in control of their own careers. More importantly, the people embracing free agency aren't turned off by the notion, they're energized by it. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive in America!
Those companies that can adapt to the changing attitudes and expecations of today's worker will excel the rest will fail, it's that simple.
Our goal in writing this book was to crstalize one method of bulding an Ownership Culture. Whether you are a manager within an organization searching for a competitive advantage, or an employee looking for the right employer this book provides a framework for understanding the benefits of thinking and acting like a business owner. We hope you can put many of the ideas to work in your own organization or career. And remember, Act Like an Owner is not academic theory. It is a proven formula for building a successful, modern organization in the information era.
Best wishes for continued success.
Bob Blonchek, CEO Bottom Line Technical Solutions, April 1999

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• Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (6 April 1999)
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