Building Really Annoying Web Sites (Paperback) £5

Building Really Annoying Web Sites (Paperback) by Michael Miller

• ISBN-10: 0764548743
• ISBN-13: 978-0764548741
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Building Really Annoying Web Sites is a subversive new book that will teach you the long sought–after secrets of how to add all sorts of truly irritating effects to your own personal Web pages.
• Make all the menus and buttons in a browser window disappear
• Change a cursor′s shape, without the user′s permission
• Create impossible–to–close pop–up windows
• Add aggravating Flash animations and movies
• Trap users in framed pages if they try to link off your page
• And much more!
Each annoying effect is followed by a section explaining why it would be wrong to add that effect to a Web page,along with suggestions for a more appropriate approach that well–intentioned designers can take, if they so desire.

From the Back Cover
128 Different Ways to Tick People Off Online! Building Really Annoying Web Sites Blind Them with Bothersome Backgrounds! "When you want to make users shudder and turn their heads in disgust … sometimes the simplest approach is the best — and nothing is simpler than a Web page background. Choose the right (that is, the wrong) background color or wallpaper, and you can make users shield their eyes, toss their lunch, and develop painful migraine headaches." (See Chapter 1) Pester Them with Pointless Pop–Ups! "You can elaborate on the basic annoying pop–up window to create pop–ups that ‘hide’ themselves behind other windows, that fill up your entire screen (and hide your Windows task bar!) and — here's the holy grail of annoying effects — that users simply can't close, no matter how hard they try. After you learn these tricks, how much more annoying can you get?" (See Chapter 5) Internet Browser Discover the Most Annoying Web Site Ever Created! Check out for examples of all tricks in the book as well as all the code (and a few additional annoying tricks, too). Subject Them to Senseless Streaming! "Sound and movie files are typically very large, eating up lots of, band–width and taking forever to download — especially on a dial–up connection. So users are forced to sit through long downloads in order to be subjected to sights and sounds that they don't want to see or hear. It's a perfect setup for an annoying situation." (See Chapter 8) Rile Them with Rage–Inducing Registrations! " Whether it's an annoying Flash animation … a request for a user ID or password, or the need to complete some long and complicated registration form, anything that blocks your entrance to a Web site is a source of major irritation…. Have fun implementing these techniques — and get ready to watch your traffic count drop to near zero!" (See Chapter 11) Just Kidding! "I know you will never implement any of the maddening tricks and techniques presented in this book. … All that is beneath you, right?"

• Paperback: 283 pages
• Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (1 Oct 2001)
• Language English

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