Cemetery Monuments Westchester NY

If you are looking for a cemetery monument in Westchester NY, Polchinski Memorials, Inc. is your ultimate stop. We provide custom designed and personalized monuments so that your dear one is remembered. Our designers work hard to symbolize the story of your loved one on the monument.

What you can expect from us

1.Our caring sales counselor will assist you in designing a lasting and unique tribute to your loved one.
2.You can expect the highest quality granite and superior craftsmanship.
3.We stand behind our products which guarantees that your family’s memorial will last forever.

What we offer at Polchinski Memorials, Inc.

We offer monuments of many designs, shapes and sizes and material. They include:
1.Slant style
2.Single monuments
3.Double monuments
4.Upright monuments
5.Large plot sized monuments
6.Flush monuments
7.Bevel monuments
8.Civic and military monuments
We also offer monuments in different materials like granite, bronze, and marble.

We can help you

If you are looking for a reliable monument builder in Westchester NY, then contact us immediately. We have an indoor showroom in Westchester county in New York.
Visit our showroom and our staff will explain your options and help you choose the best monument within your budget. Call us today at 914-984-4198 or email- To know more, visit our website-
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