UAE is working on Emirates Mars Mission that will be launched in 2020. Dubai is planning to build 25% of the building of the most developed emirates using the 3D printing technology by 2030.
The Dubai 3D printing strategy launched by the ruler of Dubai, vice president, and PM of UAE Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He said the aim of Dubai 3D printing strategy to make Dubai as a leading hub of 3D printing technology by 2030.
The best example of importance given to the science and technology by the UAE.
Another good example is the opening of a 1st 3D printing facility in UAE.
In the whole world, 3D printing technology has a bright future.
The field is expected to reach Dh 440.75 billion by 2020 and around $300 billion by 2025.
3D orienting will reduce the construction cost by 50% to 70%.
It will reduce the waste production in construction is about 60%.
It will reduce the labor cost by 50% to 80%.
Major sector:
Dubai 3D printing technology will focus on three major sectors that are following below
1. Construction,
2. Consumer products,
3. Medical products.
Construction sector:
This 3D printing technology will be used in construction sector is following below
• Residential villas,
• Mobile house,
• Park,
• Galleries,
• Stores,
• Construction joint,
• Lighting products and etc.
In the construction sector, the 3D printing will increase 2% from 2019 and it is expected to reach AED 3 billion by 2025.
Consumer products:
In consumer sector, it will be focused on
• Fashion jewelry,
• Fast food,
• Household items,
• Optics,
• Children games.
In the consumer sector, the 3D printing will reach around AED 2.8 billion by 2025.
Medical sector:
In medical sector, it will be focused on
Artificial organs,
Hearing aids,
Surgical and medical aids.
The value of medical products will reach around AED 1.7 billion by 2025.
Pillars of Dubai 3D printing strategy:
There are five pillars following below
1. Legislative structure,
2. Infrastructure,
3. Funding,
4. Talent,
5. Market demand.
UAE is planning to use the 3d printing technology for the future skyscrapers and its expected first rotating skyscraper with a height of 1375feet will be constructed by 2020 in Dubai.
Therefore, the opportunity for 3D printing company setup is provided in mainland and freezone in various emirates of UAE.
There are lots of business opportunity in the 3D printing business in UAE. 3D printing is a new business in UAE so less competition and lots of supports UAE government.
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