Data Architect/Engineer

Job Description

Camp4 is seeking a creative and experienced data engineer, passionate about joining a team that utilizes integrated and diverse datasets, proprietary and external, as a key component to its Gene Circuitry PlatformTM for drug discovery and development. This role is responsible for defining, developing and implementing Camp4’s data architecture, including data flow, management, processing, cleansing, wrangling, and retrievability. The successful candidate will collaborate closely with data analysts, as well as experimental biologists to ensure Camp4’s Gene Circuitry PlatformTM realizes its full potential to discover and develop drugs with higher probability of success. Reports to the Head of Data Sciences.

Key Responsibilities

• Organize, process, standardize, synthesize, QA/QC and visualize in-house and external data
• Manage data storage solutions and computing resources (local and external)
• Troubleshoot internal system and support users of diverse backgrounds and seniority levels
• Together with Head of Data Sciences, define the data governance scheme and execute it
• Deliver and sustain data management solutions leveraging industry best practices
• Collaborate with colleagues in data analytics and biology units to ensure R&D operates at state-of-the-art standards, from platform to translational sciences to more traditional drug R&D
• Manage the resource access policy of the company and drive new SOPs as appropriate


• B.Sc./M.Sc. in computer science, engineering, information systems, or equivalent, with a proven experience in data engineering
• Experience in Biotech, agritech, Medtech or Pharmaceutical industry, is an advantage
• Master system management, QA/QC and development tools, as well as development and engineering best practices (eg Python, R, SQL, noSQL, newSQL, Git)
• Experience harmonizing diverse next-generation genomics and human genetics datasets
• Experience with common processing frameworks and technologies (eg Apache Spark, git, etc)
• Strong collaboration and communication skills
• Attention to detail, high professional integrity and commitment to excellence in execution
• Creative, thinks out-side-the-box, developing fit-for-purpose solutions for data needs
• Passionate about realizing the potential of fundamental scientific discoveries to the bettering of patients’ lives and health

About Camp4

Founded in 2016 and focused on a core mission of realizing a world with ‘an effective treatment option for every patient,’ CAMP4 Therapeutics evolved from seminal discoveries made by company founders Dr. Richard Young and Dr. Leonard Zon, characterizing the ways in which dynamic cell signaling networks control the expression of genes. Operating at the intersection of genomics, computational biology and data sciences, CAMP4 has extended this foundational work, creating a unique Gene Circuitry PlatformTM to amplify the value of cellular and genetic insights to better understand how genes are controlled by signaling pathways in specific disease states. By generating proprietary 4D maps, CAMP4 can identify de-risked druggable targets, produce actionable insights and improve therapeutic predictability, potentially addressing hundreds of diseases and benefiting millions of patients globally. Find out more at our website.

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