Encyclopedia of Interior Design (Hardcover) *New*

Encyclopedia of Interior Design (Hardcover) by Joanna Banham

• ISBN-10: 1884964192
• ISBN-13: 978-1884964190
• Condition: New

"An indispensable reference work covering all principal developments in interior design throughout the ages." - The Art Book Survey "This project is unique and new. . . . A must purchase for large public and academic libraries." - Reference Books Bulletin "The Encyclopedia of Interior Design will swiftly become the kind of book we cannot imagine ourselves without." - Architectural Review "The organization and content make this well worth its price . . ." - American Reference Books Annual "However, after weighing all the pluses and minuses, the Encyclopedia of Interiror Design emerges as a valuable and worthwhile addition to general reference collections, as well as to museum, academic, school and public libraries serving the art community." - Art Documentation "For academic and large public libraries... all interior design and architecture collections as well as large public libraries are well advised to purchase." - Library Journal "Enthusiastically recommended for all undergraduate library collections." - Choice "Interior design has long needed an encyclopedia of this depth and quality to complement its dictionary." - Rettig on Reference "... the encyclopedia is especially useful for its careful attention to every type of room including boudoirs , offices, billiard rooms, nurseries and parlours." - Refer "This project is unique and new; until now, existing literature consisted of dictionnaries of individuals or objects, and technical manuals. Large public and academic libraries must purchase." - Booklist "I draw here on an excellent 1,700-word essay on `Lace` by Pat Earnshaw, one of 197 contributors to this massive two-volume encyclopedia." - Reference Reviews "Well illustrated in black and white throughout, and with a good index, the Encyclopedia will swiftly become the kind of book which we cannot imagine ourselves without." - The Architectural Review "... this is a useful and readable book with a scope that should attract readers from far outside the narrow confines of interior design." - The Times Literary Supplement "This book does not deserve a review, it deserves a standing ovation. Everyone who works on the history of craft , design or architecture should be grateful to the authors for what they have accomplished and for the future research that will be so greatly aided by their work." - Crafts

Product Description
The Encyclopedia of Interior Design , with more than 500 illustrated entries, provides a history of decoration and design from ancient times to the present day. Entries on individuals include a biography, a chronological list of principal works or career summary, a primary and secondary bibliography, and a signed critical essay of 800 to 1500 words on the individual's work in interior design. Style and topic entries contain an identifying headnote, a guide to main collections, a list of secondary sources, and a signed critical essay.

• Product Dimensions: 28.6 x 22.9 x 9.4 cm
• Hardcover: 1600 pages
• Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (1 May 1997)
• Language English

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