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Company Name: Education Success Network

Education Success Network, a network of organizations supporting high quality schools and educational opportunities for student success, is currently searching for a full-time Facilities Manager to work in Rochester, NY.

This newly created position is a wonderful opportunity to play an integral role in supporting a not-for-profit organization that is developing, operating, and supporting exceptional schools and academic intervention services, and providing partnership and start-up support for educational programs.

The Education Success Network family of organizations is vested in a mission and strategy to enhance opportunities for 5,000 students, advance systems change, and drive collective impact in Rochester and surrounding areas. The Facilities Manager position will offer a vital role in assisting the Leadership team in accomplishing this important mission and building a family of organizations creating impact for thousands of students in Rochester.

The significant role of the Facilities Manager will manage the day to day responsibilities of the Facilities Department, including, but not limited to, supervising maintenance staff and the daily maintenance and cleaning of the interior and exterior of Education Success Network properties. The Facilities Manager will also be responsible for directly supervising and managing the operation, maintenance, repair, construction and renovation of the facilities/properties in order to provide an environment which enhances their functional aspects. In addition, the Facilities Manager will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining vendor contracts, as well as have extensive knowledge of compliance requirements as they relate to applicable building and safety codes, OSHA, building permits, etc. This position will work closely with the Education Success Network Leadership team to accomplish organizational goals as they relate to Facilities and property maintenance and improvement.

The essential functions of the Facilities Manager position will include the following:

1. Manages the activities of the Facilities Department employees.

2. Assigns as well as monitors overall work assignments and schedules of Facilities department staff.

3. Performs regular inspections of all Education Success Network properties.

4. Ensures that maintenance and improvements are performed to the highest level of quality and safety at all organization owned properties.

5. Establishes Facilities department goals and quality standards and ensures all Facilities staff are working in alignment with implemented standards.

6. Responsible for the supervision of Facilities employees, including, but not limited to, interviewing, selection, training, and developing procedures to ensure achievement of Facilities department goals.

7. Provides and ensures excellent customer service response to Facilities related issues and concerns.

8. Assesses and monitors property repairs to ensure cost effectiveness and establishes criteria in the decision making process of repair versus replacement of property components.

9. Develops and manages schedules for completion of approved projects, while staying within established project budget.

10. Prepares project bid specifications and drawings, as well as establishes project budgets.

11. Ensures that all property maintenance and improvement is performed within OSHA standards as well as up to required building code standards and that appropriate permits and inspections are acquired.

12. Serves as the primary representative and liaison to the Construction Manager or Engineer/Architect during major construction projects to offer professional opinion relating to design, maintainability and budget.

13. Provides training to staff and ensures staff receives outside training as is necessary or required.

14. Plans and implements summer projects for all Education Success Network properties including, but not limited to repairs, classroom painting and construction projects.

15. Works with Education Success Network Leadership team to establish annual Facilities department budget and manages department to ensure budget is maintained.

The knowledge, skills and abilities of the Facilities Manager position will include the following:

1. High degree of proficiency in the areas of building construction, repairs, HVAC and electrical systems.

2. Knowledge of carpentry work including drywall, plaster and roofing.

3. Knowledge of OSHA/EPA/HAZCOM as well as Lockout/Tag out requirements.

4. Firm understanding and knowledge of all applicable codes and regulations including NYS Building codes, Boiler codes, NEC (National Electrical Code) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Assn.)

5. Understanding of asbestos precautions and procedures.

6. Strong social interaction and communication skills.

7. Advanced problem solving skills.

The minimum qualifications of the Facilities Manager position will include the following:

1. 3 years prior Facilities supervisory or management experience.

2. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Facilities Management or related field, preferred.

3. NYS driver’s license.

The physical requirements of the Facilities Manager position will include the following:

1. Must be able to perform heavy lifting, up to 80 pounds.

2. Must be able to use ladder.

3. Must be able to operate heavy equipment and tools.

*Education Success Network does not discriminate. Education Success Network promotes and values diversity, pluralism and inclusion in the work place and provides equal opportunity to all qualified individuals and does not discriminate against any individuals, including those that are a member of a protected class, in its hiring, promotions, educational programs and activities.
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