Free Silver Giveaway - Winners Selected Daily

Enter for a chance to win a 1 oz .999 pure silver MS70 coin. MS70 is highest graded coin on the market.

Enter only one time to be eligible for each days drawing.

Only residents of the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia are eligible. No purchase
is required. Winners will be notified via phone.

Current winners show on website.

There are many rReasons why coinsa are valuable:

That's right... Coins Are Cool!

Coins are minted in precious metals and have value that lasts forever

Coins are magnificent works of art and beauty

Coins are historic and timeless artifacts

Coins are a wholesome, rewarding and fun activity for the entire family

Coins are exquisite gifts that are cherished for a lifetime

Coins are collectible assets and can become a very valuable and cherished family legacy for generations, a priceless family touchstone.

Everybody collects something, shouldn't it be assets? Of course! Collecting assets instead of debt, trinkets or other stuff just makes good sense, and it's fun and rewarding.

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