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God is My Broker: A Monk-tycoon Reveals the 7 1/2 Laws of Spiritual and Financial Growth (Hardcover) by Brother Ty, Christopher Buckley, John Tierney

• ISBN-10: 1857882261
• ISBN-13: 978-1857882261
• Condition: New

This book is difficult to categorize. It has become a bestseller in America, where its lessons have been taken up by business schools and management experts. It is written by an ex-Wall Street trader who left the financial world and became a monk. He then used his financial and management skills to rescue from penury the small community in which he found himself. It is part business guidance, part self-improvement and part autobiography. A good blend of serious advice and humorous anecdotes. Fascinating. (Kirkus UK)

Product Description
Brother Ty reveals the business tips that made the monks of Saint Thaddeus the envy of Wall Street. Tips such as: money won't make you happy unless you spend it ; he who casts the first stone usually wins ; money is God's way of saying "thanks!" ; as long as God knows the truth it doesn't matter what you tell your customers ...

• Hardcover: 197 pages
• Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing Ltd (15 Jun 1998)
• Language English

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