Introductory Chi-Reflexology 2 Day Course 8 - 9 February 2014

Introductory Chi-Reflexology
Certificated CPD Course – 2 Day Seminar

Reflexologists and Qualified Body and Natural Therapists
Tutor: Audrey Scully, Principal
contact: 1142691145

Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 February 2013 - £180
West End Community Centre, Woodhouse, Sheffield

Chi-Reflexology, developed by Moss Arnold, is a unique form of reflexology & natural therapy. It is based on an understanding of the Chinese philosophy, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is applied to the science of Reflexology and combining it with energy work, and also expanding it as an art, the result is a new dynamic approach and therapy.

Intuition combined with knowledge and working ethically and morally form the basis of Chi-Reflexology, providing a whole new way of understanding the process of healing. As a philosophical approach it emphasises working with and not against the whole human being, empowering rather than depowering it. It brings into focus the hippocratic oath, “I shall do no harm!”

The practical techniques of Chi-Reflexology, when learned and understood, are relatively easy to perform and may be added to any existing approaches, or used as a complete system in itself. They enhance and amplify any other techniques already used and are also utilised to assess the underlying energy imbalances involved.

‘Chi Reflexology is the difference between finger paint and fine art. It's beauty elegance and performance is powerful and transformative. For the therapist, lets just'll never look back. For the client, you'll thank your lucky stars that YOUR Reflexologist took the time to learn this.’ Cynthia Hill
Contact Details
Audrey Scully
00 114 269 1145