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MCSE: Accelerated Windows 2000 Exam Notes (MCSE exam notes) (Mass Market Paperback) by J Chellis

• ISBN-10: 0782127703
• ISBN-13: 978-0782127706
• Condition: New

Although it's a bulky and comprehensive tome, weighing in at just under a thousand pages, this is not a book for the beginning Windows 2000 student. Like other books in the Exam Notes series, the MCSE Accelerated Windows 2000 Exam Notes is intended for the working professional who has a working knowledge of Windows 2000 and needs an overview of what's likely to come up on the exam. If you are that kind of person, this book does a very admirable job, condensing an entirely new OS down into discrete, easy-to-read segments. And for the price, there's scarcely a better value title out there. But if you're getting the bulk of your Windows 2000 expertise from book learning, then be wary of this one.
Streamlining all of the major features of Windows 2000 into any single book is always a tough call, but the editors here have done a solid job, hitting all of the major topics without a glaring omission. By breaking every tiny bit of Win2K down into discrete chunks, the book is quite digestible and always crystal-clear in what it's getting across. And it's thorough. The section on DNS in particular is more than many far heavier and more expensive books provide. In terms of raw technical specs, you get your money's worth.
But there are some problems which make this a hard sell for the beginning or intermediate student. For one thing, there are no test questions to be found here--so if you learn by throwing as many test exams at yourself as possible, you will find no resources here, and certainly it won't give you an idea of what sorts of questions you can expect to face on the exam. And the book doesn't go into particular detail on troubleshooting, either, often just giving lists of features with a few real-world warnings tossed in. As such, if something goes drastically wrong with Windows 2000 you won't really have the tools to cope with it. Exam Notes seems to assume that you already have that knowledge firmly in place, and as such it doesn't provide it for you.
But if you are a seasoned professional who's been lucky enough to get a job in the industry working with Windows 2000 and just wants a good, solid overview to get through the test, you won't find finer value for the price. --William Steinmetz

Product Description
Windows 2000 is Microsoft's operating system for use within enterprise-scale networks. The Accelerated Windows 2000 exam covers all exam objectives from the four core Windows 2000 exams. This text provides concise summaries of key points for each exam objective.

• Product Dimensions: 20.8 x 15.2 x 5 cm
• Mass Market Paperback: 949 pages
• Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (5 Oct 2000)
• Language English

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