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Personal Injury Practice in the Sheriff Court (Paperback) by Ronald Conway
• ISBN-10: 0414012852
• ISBN-13: 978-0414012851
• Condition: New

A guide to practice and procedure for personal injury claims in the Sheriff Court. Written from the perspective of a pursuer's agent, the text contains practical guidance and advice from first instruction through to the appeal process. It also deals with the investigation and preparation of claims prior to litigation. The emphasis throughout the work is on various strategies to strengthen the case at every stage, from the recovery and preservation of approapriate evidence, to how to ensure that evidence is best presented at proof. Additionally, there is a brief outline on the law and practice of the most commonly encountered sources of action for a pursuer's agent: slipping and tripping accidents; road traffic accidents; accidents at work involving the "six pack" regulations; occupational illness; and disease and occupiers' liability cases.

• Paperback: 300 pages
• Publisher: W.Green (23 Sep 1999)
• Language English

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