Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Company Name: Boulder Wellness Psychology

Join an expanding holistic mental health practice in Boulder, CO.We're looking for one or two qualified psychiatric nurse practitioners to join our team of collaborative mental health professionals. If you'd like to work in a collaborative, group setting without the administrative time or red tape involved in working for a large clinic, corporation or hospital, this job is for you.

Responsibilities: Intake, diagnosis, medication management, psychotherapy (optional), collaboration on shared patients with other practitioners.

Required Experience: Experience providing mental health services, preferably in an outpatient clinical setting. Experience with adults and young adults is required, experience with teens and children is desirable.

Education/credentials: You must be fully licensed and credentialed as a psychiatric nurse practitioner with full prescriptive privileges in the state of Colorado by the time you start the position.

References required.

Benefits: I will provide marketing, referrals, office space and support. I have a thriving practice and at this point, my focus is on expanding the practice to provide more comprehensive care to my clients.Essentially, you will have all the benefits of being in private practice and making your own hours, but without the financial investment and risk of starting a practice or the burden of running a practice, doing the accounting, taxes, marketing, legal, taking care of an office, etc. You will also have a team of other mental health providers to help support you and your patents' needs.

Paperwork will be minimal and you will not have to deal with insurance.I will design, launch and fund a marketing campaign specially for you that is targeted toward your ideal clients before you begin. You will also be added to the practice website, including any specialties that you would like to offer.

Compensation will be competitive. It will be negotiated based on your experience, etc., but I'm very focused on having people in the practice who are happy, feel well compensated and want to stay for the long term.This position will be available to start between January and May, 2017.

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