Silicate EMEX interior emulsion paint

The Silicate EMEX interior emulsion paint is a hydro-soluble of dispersion product, based on potassium silicate, additives and fillers, for finishing of the exterior plaster, with high degree of white, high adherence and resistance and self cleaning effect. This type of paint has the advantage that does not allow the adherence of dirt to the surface where it was applied, and it can be easily removed by washing. It is especially indicated for the restoration works of buildings. It can be colored using coloring pastes, or it can be delivered to the requested color.

Main characteristics:

- Special adherence to the support;
- Great covering power;
- High degree of white;
- High washability;
- High mechanical strength;
- Resistance to fungi and molds;
- High ageing resistance and UV;
- Vapor permeability and water impermeability.
- High resistance to weather, temperature variations, humidity.

Utilization domains:

The Silicate EMEX interior emulsion paint, unlike classic emulsion paints, does not form only a thin film on the coated surface, but penetrates the support, forming one piece with it and enhancing it.
It is used for covering the following types of surfaces: concrete, masonry, cement plaster, old resistant and compact plasters, cement mineral plasters, absorbent mineral conglomerates of any type, old organic or mineral paintings, dry, compact and absorbent paintings.
Silicate emulsion paint will not be applied on gypsum boards, gypsum or lime plaster, old layers of paint rich in resins, plastics and resins, acrylic paints, paints with gum or casein, vanishes, oil paints, soft and elastic surfaces, etc..
It is recommended to remove any old paint and preliminary test each type of support on which the paint will be applied.
Support preparation prior to applying silicate primer, will be made only by grinding. Do not use polishing acrylic primers, which are only partially compatible with the silicate primer or paints.
Areas affected by mold or fungi will be cleaned with EMEX Forte Sanitizer.
Prior to applying paint, surfaces will be prepared with Silicate EMEX Primer wall.

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