Silicone EMEX Interior emulsion paint

The Silicone EMEX Interior emulsion paint is a hydro-soluble of dispersion product, based on acryl-styrene copolymers and silicone resins, additives and fillers for finishing the interior plasters, with high degree of white, high adherence and excellent display. This type of paint has the advantage that does not allow the adherence of dirt to the surface where it was applied, and it can be easily removed by washing. It can be colored in any shade of the color card, using coloring pastes, or it can be delivered to the color requested by the customer.

Main characteristics:

- Special adherence to the support;
- Great covering power;
- High degree of white;
- Easy application and maintenance;
- High washability;
- Resistance to fungi and molds;
- High ageing resistance;
- Vapor permeability and water impermeability.
- High resistance to weather, temperature variations, humidity.

Utilization domains:

The Silicone EMEX Interior emulsion paint due to its outstanding elasticity is especially indicated for protection and finishing of interior surfaces of new civil and industrial buildings (which still function).
There is no impediment to be used on older surfaces, and has the advantage that it does not allow the adherence of dirt to the surface, and it can also be cleaned very easily, even by washing. It is one of the paints indicated for use in areas exposed to dirt or other factors such as dust, fats, steam.
It is used as final layer for covering the following types of surfaces with mineral base: concrete, masonry, lime and cement plaster, lime or gypsum plasters and polishing plaster coats, new or old plaster based on binding material, gypsum board, absorbent mineral conglomerates of any type, old organic or mineral paintings, dry, compact and absorbent paintings.
It can also be successfully used on other surfaces such as OSB, MDF, PAL, ply, panel, linen, cardboard, asbestos cement, expended polystyrene.
Areas affected by mold or fungi will be cleaned with EMEX Forte Sanitizer. For achieving a superior painting, for the application it is recommended to previously use EMEX Pore Equalization and Filling Base Coat.
Prior to applying paint, surfaces will be prepared with EMEX silicone primer wall.

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