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The New Investment Superstars: 13 Great Investors and Their Strategies for Superior Returns (Hardcover) by Lois Peltz

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Learn how these superstars invest, where they invest, what works––and what doesn′t
Since people have been making money in the markets, investors and would–be investors have been fascinated with the money managers and traders who have extracted superior returns. In The New Investment Superstars, Lois Peltz examines fifteen of today′s most successful investors by their area of expertise, including stock–picking, global macro trading, sector investing, and more. Readers will learn how these great investors approach the markets at a time when volatility is high and certainty low. From the thirty–five–year–old Lee Ainslie (Maverick Capital), dubbed the "Win–Win Investor" by Worth magazine, and Ken Griffin, the thirty–one–year–old who started his first hedge fund as a freshman at Harvard, to Lee Cooperman, long a star stockpicker at Goldman, we meet today′s superior managers and learn how they do it.
Peltz reveals that these new stars are flexible traders who inherently understand that long–term wins come from recognizing that markets are ever–changing and that they must adapt. By reading about how they′ve succeeded and where they lost, investors will learn about market change, and how success is achieved.
Lois Peltz (New York, NY) was editor–in–chief of MAR/Hedge Funds, an investment performance reporting service, for eight years. She is now President and CEO of Investment Information Providers, an information services company that provides investment information services to the professional investment community.

From the Inside Flap
They are the elite, the crème de la crème, the Mozarts and da Vincis, the Einsteins and Michael Jordans of today′s investment world. From among the thousands of hedge fund managers, they are the ones who, over the past decade, have risen above the rest to distinguish themselves. Although they are a diverse group in terms of age, background, investment strategy, and area of expertise, they all share an unquenchable passion for what they do and an undeniable genius for generating consistently high returns, year after year, under all conditions.

Now, The New Investment Superstars provides you with a unique opportunity to get to know these market masters and learn the original investment strategies they have used in many markets to outperform their peers.

From thirty–five–year–old Lee Ainslie (Maverick Capital), dubbed the "Win–Win Investor" by Worth magazine, to Leon Cooperman (Omega Advisors), Goldman Sachs′ longtime star stockpicker, to the "trader′s trader," David Tepper (Appaloosa Management), you′ll meet today′s top market movers and find out what makes them tick. Through a series of in–depth profiles, author Lois Peltz takes you inside their minds and their organizations. She reveals what motivates them and how they think. And she showcases their methods and examines what has worked for them in the past and what hasn′t, what is working for them now and what isn′t.

The thirteen managers featured in The New Investment Superstars were selected on the basis of a few basic criteria: Each manages at least $1 billion in assets, and each has matched or outperformed the S&P for at least seven years. Each is acknowledged by the investment community to be the best in a particular area of expertise–including stock–picking, global macro trading, sector investing, merger arbitrage, and eventdriven investing. And, as Lois Peltz reveals, each, throughout his or her career, has displayed an uncanny ability to adapt swiftly and decisively to changing market conditions.

In the final chapters, Peltz examines the new superstars from the other side of the equation–the investor′s point of view. Working from interviews, she explores how well these new superstars have performed for institutions such as CalPERS, Swiss Life Insurance, and a large Japanese institution; for major endowments–including Stanford University, Wesleyan University, and Vassar College; and for private investors.

Don′t miss this opportunity to meet the investment superstars of the new economy and learn the secrets to their phenomenal success.

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