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Trade IPOs Online: Getting in on the Ground Floor (Wiley Online Trading for a Living) (Hardcover) by Matthew D Zito, Matt Olejarczyk

• ISBN-10: 0471384747
• ISBN-13: 978-0471384748
• Condition: New

Cash in on the Internet IPO Investment Revolution –– trade IPOs online.

"Whatever business you are in, the one common thread is that information is power. In this book you will find out how to get it and then how to use it for profit."
–– from the Foreword by David Menlow, President,

"Bust open that smoky back room and let the IPO Guys show you how the individual investor can play the IPO market."
–– Jay Sears, Senior Vice President, EDGAR Online, Inc.

"Any investor desiring to participate in IPOs need look no further than this fantastic book. Zito and Olejarczyk have done a tremendous service to individual investors by clearly explaining how to participate in the IPO market, from basic IPO participation to sophisticated investing techniques."
–– Corey E. Ostman, Chief Technology Officer, Alert–IPO!

"Trade IPOs Online is an excellent primer for the novice online investor."
–– Scott Ryles, President and Chief Executive Officer, Epoch Capital Partners

From the Inside Flap
Do you wish you′d bought or Freemarkets at the offering price? What if you had gotten in at the ground floor on and Wit Capital? Or Healtheon? Don′t sit on the sidelines of these incredible trading and investing opportunities anymore! Thanks to the latest advances in online trading, one of the hottest, mast consistent, and most lucrative investment vehicles to date is finally accessible to you, the individual investor. Once limited to venture capitalists, millionaires, and finance "experts," the chance to get in on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) at the ground floor price is now in the hands of the person most committed to your successful financial future–you. Gaining an education in IPO investing will not only allow you to profit from it directly, but will provide you with eye–opening knowledge you can apply to other investment vehicles. As your overall understanding of the investment arena improves, so will your strategizing. But getting to the cutting edge of the current Internet IPO revolution means getting informed–which is an easier achievement than you might think. In this invaluable book, the authors walk you through the IPO investment process, from setting up an account to deciding what trading strategies to use once you′ve been allocated shares. From the basics to the pay–off, here are practical tools and strategies, and essential information that will prepare you to succeed, including how to:
∗ Understand the important difference between trading and investing in IPOs
∗ Organize and simplify your research
∗ Set up an online account
∗ Minimize the time it takes for you to make good investing decisions
∗ Take full advantage of the latest software, technology, and online developments to gain increased access to IPOs
∗ Determine whether or not to include a professional broker in your IPO investing activities
∗ Time your IPO purchases for optimum profit
∗ Use your newfound knowledge for success in many other investment vehicles
Go from book smart to street smart to investment success today, with the information in Trade IPOs Online.

• Product Dimensions: 23.7 x 16.1 x 2.3 cm
• Hardcover: 206 pages
• Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (14 Jun 2000)
• Language English

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