Warts Treatment by Medical Practitioners

Our clinic specializes in Venereal Diseases Diagnosis and Management. We are offering a non surgical cauterization in the treatment of the highly infectious Genital Warts.The procedure is performed only by highly skilled and qualified medical doctors specializing in the management of infectious and venereal diseases.

We will only cater to patients with Genital HPV Infections

Each patient will be accommodated on a blocked time. Securing appointment is highly advised. This ensures the privacy of every patient availing our services.

All patients securing appointment will be assisted by the Triage team, who are themselves registered nurses.

PRICE: Php 5,000/session. Number of session will be based on the extent of the lesion.

By Appointment only.

Our Hotlines:
Kindly text your NAME, AGE, LOCATION, EMAIL ADDRESS AND INQUIRY before voice calls. To secure an appointment,VOICE CALL is a must.

Dr. Joe
0933-7212597 (sun)

0933-1377768 (sun)
0917-4137232 (globe)
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