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What we are looking for is a person that is willing to organize the classes and then teach them. I usually teach 12 week classes; each class has its own curriculum, and we train you step by step on how to teach these classes. All of our training tools are online and available 24/7. Subject matter is simple; some examples would be the importance of protein, how to shop healthy, exercise, eating out smart, fiber & hydration. Basically we are teaching them real life changes.

So, about how many hours per week would you have available to teach? Most people do two classes, and that would include doing some follow up with these students. Certainly with a well taught class you would have no problem adding around $500 to $700 a month to your income your first month. I taught someone who earned $1200 their first month doing just one class a week, teaching these classes right from home. So the income is basically up to you!

So here is what you need to do next.
Go to my website and watch the videos which contain industry information. This will take you about 20 minutes. Be sure to complete the whole video, as it will answer many questions you may have. The extension is gary. Do this as soon as possible and then get right back to me. If you interested in speaking with me on the phone after you have followed all of the steps, making sure not to skip over any, be sure to make the subject of the e-mail APPOINTMENT.


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Gary Carmack