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Books & Magazines · Posted by Dawson
Managing Web Projects for Dummies [Illustrated] (Paperback) • ISBN-10: 076455378X • ISBN-13: 978-0764553783 • Condition: New Managing Web Projects For Dummies brings you eCommerce strategies for every stage (and every type) of business: retailers, e–tailers, b –2b, b–2–c, small... see more
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12 June 2017
Books & Magazines · Posted by epcworld
Online Subscribe to EPC World magazine and receive the latest news from the construction industry delivered to EPC world is one of the top Indian Construction and Infrastructure Magazine. For more information you can visit us or you can contact us 9821477677. see more
19 May 2017
Books & Magazines · Posted by NehaSharma
Tel: +91 9756268947
We at Bobby Gujral bookie bookstore have presented with the abundant categories of books. We are one stop solution for your every need related to any books. You can discover any book at our bookstore at most competitive price. Whether you want the reading copy or a specific collectible edition,... see more
30 April 2017
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
60+ years old !!!! Wow it is time to say goodbye to raising kids and never too late to start or continue playing golf. Senior Golf 101 reveals • The Health Benefits to playing golf • How to avoid injury • Seniors take a different approach to their game • Yoga a golf fitness program •... see more
27 April 2017
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
A big “NO” to Aviophobic and get onto the flight for you leisure and business. Conquer your fear without taking any drugs by this simple guide “Dealing With Flying Naturally”. Some contents of the book include the food intake before flight, booking earlier and grab the window seat, time to... see more
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
Considering picking up golf? Why not !!! Afterall golf is increasing popularity and golf course is different from one another. Golf Basics reveals some insight fundamentals about golfing. The contents of the guide include • Left-handed golfer tips • Tips on pre-owned golf equipment • How... see more
25 April 2017
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
Young and single? Why not enjoy travelling solo and see the world with low cost. Make Solo Travelling reveals ins and outs of making travel while young and single possible. Some contents of the book are • Introduction to fun, exciting wild world travel single • Reveals some world fun party... see more
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
Having some troubles in making friends? Lacking confidence makes it worse. Improve your confidence, a learnable skill, and make lots of friends by “Befriender”. Some revelation about this manual include • Exposure of lots of strategies to conquer fear and boosting your confidence •... see more
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
The uncertainty of this world has not made easier for marriage couples to maintain a good relationship. The frequency of ups and downs can be made smoother by The Marriage Master guide. This guide • Equips you with the most powerful tools and strategies to assist you solidify bonding •... see more
24 April 2017
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
At the point of losing your partner? Or just lost him/her and you still love him/her? Claiming Your Ex Back reveals some fantastic strategies for you to win back your sweetheart. Just do not give up. Some contents include • How to pick up the pieces to win back your Ex • Steering up your... see more
Books & Magazines · Posted by piat
Feeling clueless on how to overcome lost love? Or have been broken more than once and things just do not go your way? The book Rekindle The Flame reveals strategies on winding your lost old love and getting the partner back into your warm arms. Putting the theory and practical tools into... see more
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