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18 January 2017
Jewelry · Posted by Ayaz Khan
This valentine let your lady love smile with exclusively designed jewellery! Send jewellery of your choice as well as budget on this special valentine’s day to your beloved even from miles away with This reliable and reputed online gifting portal brings for you best deals... see more
14 January 2017
Jewelry · Posted by profgaza
Tel: +27789173463
Powerful magic ring of wonders call profgaza1@27789173463 A magical ring is an article of jewelry that appears to be able to draw on magical powers and pass those to the wearer. Magical rings have been used and recognized all throughout history for generations and generations. They have a wide... see more
10 January 2017
Jewelry · Posted by James Cook
Tel: 8002081249 provides top quality, finest engraved watches as well as presentation pocket watches in breath-taking designs and styles to cater to your individualistic needs. Gift a loved with an engraved watch with a personal message on their birthday or anniversary and make them feel a... see more
Jewelry · Posted by JOVI Fashion
Tel: 1412379889
Buy purple dangle earrings, eggplant colored earrings, purple chandelier earrings, purple drop earrings, purple stone earrings, purple hoop earrings, long earrings, purple stud earrings, Buy Purple Rhinestone drop earrings Online at JOVI Fashion. see more
06 January 2017
Jewelry · Posted by Divya Mantra
Tel: 9370922220
This divine gemstone jaap mala with guru bead from Aaradhi collection by Divya Mantra is made from premium quality material and is used for jaap/japa/meditation and also can be worn. All along with its Spiritual importance it gives you a unique fashionable blend. Spiritual accessories with style... see more
29 December 2016
Jewelry · Posted by Peterstevens
Tel: 94771046304
It is the intense green colour that makes emeralds one of the most popular gemstones as compared to any other stone. Choose green sapphire engagement rings deftly from at an instant. Your one click can proactively deliver you with recommendable options. To know more about us,... see more
27 December 2016
Jewelry · Posted by anwar sadat
Tel: +27739970300
attraction love spells best spell caster binding love spells Black Magic Casting love spells Casting voodoo love spells cast love spells easy money spells effective love spells effective spells evil voodoo spell financial spells Guaranteed Love spells Job Spells Lost love Lost Love Ones Lost love... see more
20 December 2016
Jewelry · Posted by elinaalbert
At, discover our beautiful collection of Gold Amethyst Necklace, Gold Choker Necklace Thick Florida, and Purple Fluorite Necklace in California. Here you can also get the elegant Gold/Silver Bracelet Texas with unique designs. see more
19 December 2016
Jewelry · Posted by anwar sadat
Tel: +27739970300
Lost lover spells +lost Lover spells that work +Magic love spells – Long lasting love spells – How love spells work – Love quotes – Love choice love spells – Voodoo love spells – in Johannesburg – cape town – Zambia – Zimbabwe – Uganda – Kenya – america – England How love spells work – Love... see more
14 December 2016
Jewelry · Posted by JOVI Fashion
Tel: 1412379889
Buy Statement dangle earrings online in India, Statement dangle earrings, Buy Statement dangle earrings Online in India, statement stud earrings, large statement earrings, statement earrings trend, statement earrings gold, statement earrings wedding at JOVI Fashion. Visit:-... see more
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