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Carmen S.

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Tel: 0721796468
Agentie fara comision din Bucuresti, Cleaning & Babysitting RO, recruteaza in vederea angajarii bone,educatoare, guvernante. Cautam persoane cu experienta in domeniu cel putin 1an si recomandari; Sa fie o persoane calme, educate, serioase, responsabile si fara obligatii; Educatie: liceu;... Read More
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Bona/Babysitter/ Guvernanta interna (cazare si masa), 2000 lei/luna, Cleaning & Babysitting RO, Firm
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Carmen S. Carmen S.
Cleaning & Babysitting Ro, Bucharest
“CLEANING & BABYSITTING RO” has an experience of 8 years in providing cleaning services in shops, office buildings, industrial assembly rooms, warehouses, plants, private houses. We offer you housekeepers and cleaning ladies with a flexible schedule: 4 or 8 hours/ day, between 1-7 days/ week. In case of the houses which are more difficult to take care of, our company recommends you to hire an internal cleaning lady (in this case, you have to offer her accommodation facilities).