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Agentie fara comision din Bucuresti, Cleaning & Babysitting RO, recruteaza in vederea angajarii menajera cu experienta. Experienta la curatenie, gatit (ceva simplu) si calcat. In principiu trebuie persoane fara obligatii (copii mici, parinti bolnavi, sot gelos :) Cautam persoane cu experienta... Read More
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Menajera interna, experienta, Franta, familie de romani, 2 libere/an, 600 Euro, URGENT!
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Cleaning & Babysitting RO Cleaning & Babysitting RO
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nanny, Babysitting, Housekeeper, Nursing, Bucharest
“CLEANING & BABYSITTING RO” has an experience of 8 years in providing cleaning services in shops, office buildings, industrial assembly rooms, warehouses, plants, private houses. We offer you housekeepers and cleaning ladies with a flexible schedule: 4 or 8 hours/ day, between 1-7 days/ week. In case of the houses which are more difficult to take care of, our company recommends you to hire an internal cleaning lady (in this case, you have to offer her accommodation facilities). Nannies are carefully recruited, having a lot of experience, and they take care of your child when you are in the office, on holiday or when you want to go to a birthday party and you have no babysitter for that night. Nannies usually take care of preparing the baby’s food , cleaning his/ her room, they also play with the child and follow the parents’ directions precisely. CLEANING & BABYSITTING RO offers a fixed term and indefinite following staff: •Nurses; •Company staff; •Counselors. Patient surveillance can be performed: at home (in their own home) or in the hospital. The program ranges from 2, 4, 8 or 12 h per day, or it is on internship basis: this implies separate accommodation, the surveillance being done permanently. We also have medical advisers with which we occasionally consult regarding the different requests of our clients. We try to offer solutions to any type of our clients’ requests, regardless of their financial possibilities, health condition or home area.