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Tel: 9322181849
Lakeside Adventure – Kamshet Based at a village called Takwe, near Kamshet, approximately 100 kms from Mumbai, this camp offers a breathtaking rendezvous with the wild flora and fauna and is known for the scenic beauty of its magnificent sub-mountain and riverine landscapes. This camp is... Read More
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Kshitij Presents: Lakeside Adventure Camp - Kamshet

Tel: 9322181849
Adventure Mania – Andheri Designed especially for children looking out for a start to their fondness of camping, this Adventure Camp opens up a whole new world for the kids. Imagine a place surrounded by Greens and wilderness, soothing climate topped by chirps of tiny birds and hums of... Read More
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Adventure Mania - Andheri
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Vipul Chheda Vipul Chheda
Age: 33
Gender: Male
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We are a team of passionate artists, travelers, explorers, adventurers and so on. And that is exactly what we do for a living. We organize camps, treks, workshops, events and competitions. Mission We aim to become an approachable and encouraging platform for all those who love to experiment, express, learn, research, travel, share and most importantly have fun!! Company Overview We organize... Outdoor Camps Workshops Training Programs Events For... Schools, Collages, Corporates, Institutes, Social Groups etc. Description Exploring the world is our motto and we live by it. We at Kshitij like to label ourselves as "Explorer". We love to explore not just places, but new art forms, people, skills and expressions. As an excited and adventurous bunch of friends, we believe all work and no play makes everyone dull. So equipped with a talented team of artists, travelers, photographers and explorer we have created a range of exciting adventures for you. From adventure sports to Corporate Camps to Drama and Music Workshop. We have encapsulated a lot of things we love about life and nature and we keep trying to add more to our palette.