lourdes cadiz aguda

lourdes cadiz aguda

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Tel: 063 777750242
It is a resort , hotel and restaurant . 7000 square meters along the national highway . It has a swimming pool for kids and adults . There are 12 rooms and a guests' house with 3 rooms . All rooms are equipped with aircons . There are 22 mango trees , 25 coconut trees and lots of mahogany trees .... Read More
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Orchard Resort for Sale in Ilocos Norte
Property For Sale
Tel: 063777750242
Along the shoreline of Davila , Pasuquin , Ilocos Norte . good investment for a resort , commercial center /manufacturing for a conglomerate business companies .Serves as the central point of Region 1 & 2 easy access of distribution and nearer to Taiwan , Korea , Hongkong and China . Asking... Read More
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